Location - Ponta Delgada - S. Miguel Island - AZORES
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Sete Cidades Green and Blue Lakes

Duration 3.5h   –   Pricing: 1 to 4 pax 80.00€ / 5 to 8 pax 25.00€
Pick up at the Hotel.
Exiting Ponta Delgada alongside the city Airport we will stop at VISTA do REI where you’ll have the opportunity to admire one of the most well-known panoramic post cards from the Azores Islands, the above view of Sete Cidades Green and Blue Lake.
Descending to the village, stop at Cerrado das Freiras with another breathtaking view of the crater lake.
A brief stop at the bridge between the lakes before arriving in the Village center.
Located in the center of a massive volcanic crater, this is the ex-libris of the island where is located the famous Blue and Green Lake.
​Time for a coffee and walk on the village center.
Departing to the top of the crater, we’ll make a short stop at Lagoa de Santiago, the deepest lake in S. Miguel Island, located 334m above sea level on the bottom of a volcanic cone.​
Returning to Ponta Delgada one more stop at Pico do Carvão to observe a fantastic view over the North and South Coast as well as the lowest and narrowest part of the Island.
One last stop to visit the pineapple plantations at Fajã de Baixo to taste the pineapple liquor. The culture was introduced in S. Miguel around 1850, being exported to Europe for over a century. The Azorean Pineapple (variety Cayene) is produced in glass greenhouses using traditional cultivation techniques: application of “smoke” and use of “hot beds” based on plant matter. After a period of two years from planting until harvesting, the final result is a fabulous composition of smell and flavour quality.